Benefits of Regional Marine Plans

Orkney Islands Council commends the Scottish Government ambition to establish Marine Planning Partnerships and a regional level system of marine planning in Scotland. It is of paramount importance that coastal communities be empowered to take ownership of marine management issues and delivery locally appropriate solutions.     

OIC considers that regional marine planning can delivery significant social, economic and environmental benefits including:

  • an opportunity to develop a locally appropriate marine policy framework empowering the local community to deliver sustainable development, realise economic opportunities and protect the local marine environment.


  • often national legislation and policy carries with it a one size fits all approach and one size certainly does not fit for many marine policy areas, particularly in an island context. Regional marine planning provides the opportunity to develop better solutions at the local level to deliver sustainable economic growth and environmental management.


  • enabling better partnership working, building a collective understanding between stakeholders, reducing conflict, maximising synergies and harnessing significant knowledge at the local/regional level.


  • identifying areas of development opportunity and use, considering sectoral and environmental interactions at a finer spatial scale.


  • Improved knowledge and data on marine use, social, economic and environmental factors at a finer spatial scale.


  • help to streamline the development and consenting process, reducing the uncertainty bought about by project level conflicts with other marine users and conflicts resulting from a lack of knowledge and data.


  • enable local stakeholders to identify opportunities and act quickly to realise them as opposed to waiting for central government to react.


  • regional marine planning will allow the national interest to be interpreted at the local level in a way that is appropriate to local communities and circumstances.


  • Marine industry cannot be sustainably built without a locally accepted strategic plan. There is a need for regional plans to provide spatial allocation of marine space to avoid conflict at the consenting stage and maximise national and local benefits.


  • Marine Planning Partnerships can help competing stakeholders better understand the constraints within which each other are working and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Why the contribution is important

Supports sustainable development of Orkney whilst ensuring environmental protection

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