The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee is currently carrying out an inquiry into the marine environment. This work has a particular focus on the work of Marine Planning Partnerships and the creation of Regional Marine Plans.

Two Marine Planning Partnerships are up and running (Shetland and Clyde). A further Marine Planning Partnership in Orkney is nearly operational.

The Committee wants to find out more about:

-  lessons learned from existing partnerships and examples of best practice

-  how these can inform the development of future Marine Planning Partnerships and Regional Marine Plans.

-  the best ways for community groups and stakeholders to engage with marine planning process

What has happened so far?

To find out more about the work the Committee has been carrying out on this topic,  please click here.

Why is your contribution important?

The Committee has been carrying out a series of fact-finding visits to Shetland, Clyde and Orkney in November 2019.   However, we’d also like to provide an opportunity for people to share their views online.

This includes anyone who has met with the Committee, as well as anyone else with an interest in marine planning in their community.   We’re particularly keen to explore if everyone who would like to have an input into Marine Planning Partnerships has the opportunity to do so.   We’d also be interested in exploring the best ways to involving community groups in decision-making processes.

What is an ‘idea’?

When you log into the forum, then you will have the chance to engage with different ‘ideas’ or topics.  If there’s something you’d like to discuss which doesn’t already appear in the forum, then you are free to create a new ‘idea’.  Other people will then be able to share their views on that topic too.

When can I contribute?

The forum will be open until 23 December 2019. If you require support to use the forum, please contact Laetitia Jan by email at or call 0131 348 6420.

How do I take part?

To take part, please register by creating an username, providing your email address and setting your password. This forum is being populated with topics and ideas discussed at the various receptions and new ideas people have put forward. You can comment on existing topics and ideas, ask questions and clarifications, add new ideas and rate existing ones.

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