Transparency and Community Involvement

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More transparency over various aspects of the planning system will give more confidence to communities. Communities should also be encouraged and empowered to develop their own local place plans in a meaningful way, as well as in a way which reflects the wider community.

Communities should also be able to shape local development plans more than they currently do.

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  • Posted by MillsBishop February 21, 2018 at 10:52

    Transparency within the planning and development process together with Community empowerment should lie at the "heart" of the new Planning Act.

    The process and settlement of Developers Obligations should be transparent. For example s75 agreements should made available to the Community ....particularly financial settlements.

    For Major Developments ..... impacts, such as flood and drainage schemes etc, on the local environment and Community should be independently assessed by a disinterested 3rd party body.

    Delegated Powers to Planning Officers should be reigned in particularly for Major Developments and where there is "a significant Community interest".

    Community Action Plans should be incorporated more fully into the preparation of the Local Development Plan
  • Posted by mrssue February 27, 2018 at 17:24

    The proposal for Local Place Plans places a huge burden of costs in time and stress and finance upon any community that decides to embark upon the process. Snd, st the end of it all, the LDP only has to 'have regard to' the LPP. There is no guarantee that any of the carefully thought through proposals from a community would ever be given the status they deserve. Why would communities bother?
  • Posted by LynnWatson February 27, 2018 at 20:27

    'Place Plans' sound really good - if you've never tried to deal with the planning process! Our group has what appears to be a wealth of experience - backgrounds in transport planning; civil engineering; communities; charity; environment.
     We've spent years reading up on planning - and just trying to deal with the applications we are supposed to be consulted on has been a nightmare.

    Who is supposed to support these groups? Our Communities officers are the first to admit they don't understand the planning system. Apparently it was fine for a Pre-application Consultation to be a glossy PR event, rather than a public consultation because 'that happens at the next stage'. If you think you can start a simple explanation with 'According to Circular 3/2013' - not a hope!' I don't blame anyone for glazing over. I find it painful - but someone has to do it...

    Are we supposed to receive assistance from the local authority planners? Unfortunately we've just submitted a complaint about ours - relations could be a bit tricky... What about when the Planning Authority is the developer and adjudicator - and the community you represent are objecting to the proposals?

    We're told Planning Aid Scotland is there to help. Try phoning them & saying you're having a wee bit of trouble with a major development - I'm sure that really makes their day!
    Community Empowerment has to be written in stone in law. Tacking it on as some nice idea of an afterthought makes it totally meaningless.

    "Yes, we *regarded* the community's ideas for, oh, a few seconds. Once we finished laughing, we bulldozed onwards...!"
  • Posted by ddpeeps February 28, 2018 at 18:40

    I agree with all the above comments. I have just had 2 major planning applications on my doorstep, not only was I not consulted (just out of the 20m notification area) one was a PPP. Both had over 60 documents, most of the surrounding community to be majorly affected totally unaware and a lot of work from a few dedicated residents to alert as many people in the community....consensus was from folk that there is no trust in the system, ideas they would like to see would fall on deaf ears, otherwise poopoo'd, what's the point in trying to make my voice heard as its a done deal etc etc. There is no-one to talk to even after pushing for a public meeting the council rep couldn't answer questions from the floor so people left feeling angry, frustrated and more confused. Now what on earth would happen with LPP's - where are the resources going to come from ,who is going to help the communities get their heads round the planning system.
  • Posted by davesutto March 01, 2018 at 07:56

    The SGov costs LPPs at the £13k of English “Neighbourhood Plans” (Finance Committee 28 Feb). They admit they can’t afford to do full charettes.
    But the real position is better illustrated by the recent Linlithgo LPP (costing around £40k) - which was then ignored by (zero changes in) the LDP.

    Who is going to waste their time producing a LPP that can easily be ignored by the LDP? Without Equal Rights of Appeal or a formal requirement for the LDP to actually include policies to deliver the LPP - and then adequate funding to allow LPP to cover ALL areas within day 4 or 5 years - LPPs are an insufficient sop for removing Supplementary Guidance.
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