Information on what’s happening in planning in the local area and ensuring meaningful engagement

(Idea gathered from contributions from Motherwell event)

Some people highlighted that they wanted further information on how to contribute their views on local planning decisions at an early stage to ensure that engagement is meaningful and people’s views were actually listened to. People were also interested in understanding the barriers to people being able to contribute to local planning decisions.

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  • Posted by ddpeeps February 28, 2018 at 18:24

    Having just contributed to not one but 2 planning applications (1 a PPP) at same time and the huge amount of documentation associated with each one along with the tight timeline for comments I get how hard this is for many people. It was certainly difficult and time constrained. There is also the issue that many residents had no idea about plans and it involved some local people to get together to get the word out and seek views including pushing the Community Council to host a public meeting. So there is a major need to assist ordinary residents on how to decipher huge amounts of documentation, some very lengthy and off putting. The other thing that puts people off is the feeling that it is a done deal and they have no power to influence decisions and there is no trust. To address these barriers requires resources, public events where there are people from Council, developers, architects etc to help the community understand the plans and discuss concerns/issues and taking on board comments at such events to feedback and follow up communication.
  • Posted by davesutto March 01, 2018 at 07:32

    Why in Scotland can you not draw an ePlan of the area you want to be notified of all applications on? This has been available in some English LPAs for years. Not not yet reached Scotland!

    Why is there not a legal right in Scotland to present your case direct to the Planning Committee (as in England). Grudgingly allowing one presentation a year (over past 5 years)(South Lanarkshire) shows the real way Scottish Councils view our comments.
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