General planning

There are many difficulties with the present planning which must be addressed in any new law

  • building on green belt must  be stopped- we need trees and plant life to help maintain healthy air quality but reducing the co2. We are losing green belt at an alarming rate and we are destroying habitats of a whole range of wildlife. We  need to protect wildlife before they become extinct
  • if the really is a housing crisis then we should be building houses to meet the needs of those on the lowest incomes however the builders are building huge expensive houses which is all about profits for them. This must be stopped
  • more consideration must be given to the impact any developments  will have on the local community. Too many villages are losing their identity by huge housing developments.
  • major consideration must be given to the infrastructure of the area and whether it will be able to absorb the increase in population of whether it will put a strain on the local services eg schools, roads, shops, doctors,public transport
  • Councils must consult the communities properly on the area plan and listen to the objections.
  • if the council turn the planning application down then the government should not be overturning them. The council know the communities better than the government. The local people’s views must be given a very high priority and have more weight than the developer.
  • land put in trust for local communities should not be sold to be built on
  • councils should be looking for Brown field sites to build on first.

Why the contribution is important

The area where I live has suddenly had lots of planning applications in all directions , all of which are on green belt. The local communities will not be able to absorb the people and have been objecting but their views are being ignored by the council, government and most of all developers. The identity of several villages are being destroyed

by Lorna1 on March 01, 2018 at 07:56PM

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