Evidence of applicants

I've got a great idea for the Local Government and Communities Committee as the lead Committee for the Bill.  Why not actually take direct evidence from individuals, which could include planning consultants, developers, housebuilders etc, who have actually paid their hard earned money to lodge a planning application.  Looking at the individuals and organisations who have been invited to give evidence and answer the questions from the panel, I suspect that only a few have any experience of preparing, submitting and negotiating planning applications for development proposals.  There are certainly lots of organisations who have considerable experience opposing development, regardless of whether the proposal is in accordance with the development plan or not!


Why the contribution is important

Planning consultants, developers, housebuilders who have lodged planning applications, engaged in call for sites, submitted reps to LDP’s, negotiated s.75’s, engaged in pre-application consultation, engaged with planning officers in the discharge of pre-commencement planning conditions all have invaluable experience in how the current planning system works and who should be assisting the panel in the debate and discussion in the future of the planning system.

Any process which fails to test the evidence of practitioners is doomed to fail from the outset.


by graemepatrick on March 01, 2018 at 10:18AM

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