The challenge

We want to know what you think of the Planning (Scotland) Bill. The Scottish Government explains that the Bill will improve the system of development planning, giving people a greater say in the future of their places and support delivery of planned development. 

You have until 4pm on 2 March 2018 to tell us what you think of the Bill and if you think it will do what the Scottish Government says it will – we have set out below the key parts of the Bill:

  • Part 1 includes changes to the process of development planning from the National Planning Framework through to Local Development Plans and creates new local place plans.
  • Part 2 creates simplified development zones;
  • Part 3 makes changes to the development management process;
  • Part 4 deals with changes required to improve performance across a range of planning functions; and
  • Part 5 makes provision for the introduction of an infrastructure levy.

You may find some of the questions listed in our call for views a useful starting point for your own thoughts.

Why your contribution is important

Planning affects us all. Planning decides where development (such as houses, parks, roads, shopping centres and public buildings) should happen, where it should not happen, and how it affects and fits into its surroundings.

Your comments will help inform the committee views on whether this Bill will improve the system of planning, as well as whether the Bill should be changed.

What happens to your comments?

We will be moderating the comments made using our moderation policy and dicussion rules – please read and abide by this.

All ideas and comments will be pre-moderated, which means they will not appear immediately. You should see your comments within a few hours, or the following day if you post in the evening.

After the challenge has closed, we will then publish a report summarising all ideas and comments which will inform the Committee’s views and final report.  

Your moderator for this challenge is: ScotParlModerator

What else should I do?

  • Please read the ideas already submitted – if your idea is similar then please comment on the existing idea.
  • Focus your contributions on the Bill rather than an individual planning decisions or applications or specific planning authorities – the Committee cannot get involved in individual cases or decisions and such comments will not be used in the summary report.
  • Be patient with us – this is new to us as it might be for you - we will be regularly checking for new ideas and comments and moderating them throughout each day but this will be less frequent in the evenings and at the weekend.
  • If you want us to keep in touch with you about the Committee’s consideration of the Bill then please email us at:

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