More mental health trained counsellors in jobs

The NHS waiting list is roughly around anything from 6 months to a year long. Universities (mines especially) is the same - if not worse and private funded organisations (including some charities) can be costly or they expect you to pay in full as you’re working. Instead the health service will try and pam you off with anti-depressants for the foreseeable (including myself). Speaking to my mental health nurse regarding this, they have a shortage (especially in my practice) of mental health trained staff as there is no budget for them. Surely it is costing more to provide each individual with anti-depressants long term than it is to speak through their struggles? (I’m aware this isn’t the case for everyone. However, I’m certain that if I can open up about my struggles to someone it would certainly help.) 

I’m 23 and feel trapped, I can’t come off my anti-depressants as I’ll struggle and I can’t get to speak to a counsellor as I can’t afford private and the NHS uni and waiting list is so long. So I’m stuck on these tablets for the foreseeable. 

Increase the budget for mental health. Unlike most who don’t have it - I didn’t understand it until this year. However, by increasing the budget and offering more counsellors jobs and more therapy treatments, I believe the government may save money long term.


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With mental health on the rise - it is important we increase the budget for this in order to help in different ways rather than Pam individuals off with anti-depressants.

by RhiannaK01 on December 11, 2018 at 10:52AM

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