More live chat services rather than phone calls

Rather than just offering phone call services (not that I don’t think these services are good and I am grateful for people that have been saved by these hotlines) but offering live chats, even just from people that aren’t professionals but there to help. There are things such as ‘BlahTherapy’ and some apps that offer this but I wouldn’t say they’re that good, probably just due to funding. It would be so much more accessible for people and comfortable to get therapy services online even if they’re not proper therapists. Of course it would be best to have mental health professionals but until the NHS get enough funding or the idea got enough funding it would be hard.

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Having suffered from depression for years, when I’ve felt particularly low and close to suicide I would never feel comfortable contacting someone through the phone like Samaritans. This is because I’m just in tears and can’t physically speak from hyperventilating so much. It’s a scary situation to be in and I never want to worry my parents etc by telling them, I would far rather talk to someone online. Not only for situations like this but for just general help so I don’t get to this point again. I know that many people will have been in situations like me and don’t want sympathy or to worry other but just want help that they feel comfortable getting. For situtations like suicide, it may be best to have professionals however sometimes when you just feel low or anxious you just want someone to talk to and not someone that you know.

by erinmacfarlanex on December 09, 2018 at 06:44PM

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