Mental Health in Schools

Schools gaining budgets on what they can spend on Mental Health recourses within school.

However, every school teacher should be able to receive training on mental health.

Why the contribution is important

Schools receive money from the government in order to use for buying different types equipment. Although, this can and up being a tight budget due to how much they need to spend on different things. However, with a set budget that is meant for Mental Health resources, it then gives more schools the opportunity to gain the equipment and staff in order to aid mental health. This is because many schools are unable to put a lot of money into this. As mental health is hugely important in young people, more things within schools must be done to help as it is such a big part of their lives.

By also giving teachers from primary and secondary school training on mental health this will give them more of an understanding on the topic. This is because, many young people trust teachers that may not be their guidance, year head or someone as high up, meaning that they may not understand what to do. However, this would make it easier for both teachers and students as it gives them more of an idea on the situation and a support on what they would need to do. It can then give students no matter what age more support but it also helps the teachers out as well.


by steph_mcknight on December 07, 2018 at 06:56PM

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