Mental Health Education

Throughout my whole life I have anxiety disorder and this has obviously impacted how I engaged in school and how I engaged with other people. Between the ages of 16 and 17 I lost both my mum and gran and I feel into a deep depression which meant in the last year of my high school I had to take extended time off before I was left early as I was lucky to have gained an unconditional for university. The combination of anxiety and depression made every day a struggle particularly during my high school days. 

Looking back now on those days it is clear that two things need to change to better help young people. Firstly schools: the teachers, class room assistants and staff need to have mental health awareness training as a means to enable them to better help their students. I felt that although I was incredibly fortunate to have had amazing teachers who helped me in those days some of them and indeed the school didn’t have a plan in place to help me and indeed other students integrate back into the classroom. Better training and access to resources I believe will help teachers help their students better. 

Secondly there needs to be a dedicated focus on mental health education as a key part of the teaching curriculum. This should help students understand and learn about mental health challenges, understand the methods of supoort that are available for people but crucially discuss openly issues that students of all ages face issues with studying, home life, relationships, goals for the future. All of these things I believe can create an inclusive approach to mental health education. 

Why the contribution is important

I believe my idea is important because from my own experience and from others I have worked with in voluntary positions, activism and in my working life have said the same thing. If at school there was a better focus on mental health as part of the education this would have made talking, facing and ultimately working through mental health challenges easier for them. 

Importantly my idea is important because increasingly many numbers of young people whether at school, college or university are acing mental health challenges and it’s important we start addressing them not just from a medical standpoint but from an inclusive stand point by considering other triggers for mental health challenges such as money, stress, studying/exams, relationships etc. 



by jrwalker1 on December 14, 2018 at 09:41AM

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