Mental Health Education

If a mental health (or general health) topic was brought into Personal Learning or RE classes i believe it would normalize conversation about what is going on in young people's lives, how it impacts them and will help cultivate a more sympathetic and understanding conversation.

This course could include ways to help others and ourselves (that is similar to a first aid training that is inclusive of mental health as well as physical health). Simple techniques that could be adopted in order to reduce anxiety. Even a change of thinking pattern can that could help students better identify what it is they are feeling and why they are feeling that way in order to target areas that bring them discomfort.

Why the contribution is important

If this was introduced in earlier years (Primary - Secondary) it may help reduce the number of young individuals who truly feel alone or like there is no one to go to for help.

I've seen posters around my secondary school which state that we can talk about mental health but it isn't very informative. 

Young people (though they'd rather not admit it) feel rather intimidated by the prospect of approaching another for help. It is our culture to struggle on until it becomes too much. Competition cultivates this attitude that we shouldn't support one another as it will damage our prospects and second party's as work isn't representative of what you solely are capable of.

The topic of Mental health is not the place for a competitive ideology. We need to encourage more communication and collaboration because when struggling from depression or anxiety one tends to forget that they aren't truly alone in their struggle.

by mnlglaegts on December 12, 2018 at 05:04PM

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