Invest more money and funding into CAHMS

The CAHMS programme helps young people to overcome different problems and regain a good mental health. One of the problems is the amount of people who are on the waiting list for CAHMS. This means that young people are going through the day to day suffering alone, with no one to talk to or to help them. Possibly the scottish parliament could invest more funding in the CAHMS programme. Before me and my classmates came onto this website we didnt know what it was. Therefore we think it should be more publicised and anyone should be open to volunteer and crowd funding. Thank you for time. 

Why the contribution is important

Our idea is important to help people with mental health who may be dealing with it alone. 

by ellasheridan on December 05, 2018 at 10:11AM

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  • Posted by Figus December 11, 2018 at 09:46

    Why cant my child access this help ?
    Referral after referral, from school, doctors, but you just want to pass it on to some other department that cant help.!!??
  • Posted by alexlovesparamore December 12, 2018 at 22:23

    i am currently seeing someone at camhs and have been a couple months now but it wasn't easy getting a place at all. i 100% agree with this. it took referral after referral, lifelink, gp referrals, school counselling before i could FINALLY get a spot and it was exceedingly difficult getting by day by day when i had no professional support. plus even now i get an appointment typically once a fortnight which really still isn't enough. (besides currently because of holidays i won't get seen again until some time in january) but im so grateful to be in a position where i can go to camhs but i needed to be there a lot sooner. im so sorry @figus because i know from your child's perspective how difficult it can be every single day. my mum felt the exact same way, it frustrated us both.
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