Increase amount of mental health awareness via PSE throughout a young person's school career

The group discussion about support in schools at Tynecastle High School on Friday 11th January 2019 felt that more could be done to improve mental health support in PSE classes from S1 and S6.

The group felt that support was given via PSE in S1, S3 and S6 due to these years being times of change – being new to a school; selecting subjects to study; and preparing to leave school.

However, the pupils felt that during S2, S4 and S5 pupils feel “left on their own” when it comes to receiving emotional support to get through the pressures of school.

Pupils felt that some PSE teachers do not take their role seriously and more could be done to ensure that PSE classes are focussed on individual needs, broadening the discussion about mental health to be about more than just depression and anxiety, but to explain about other conditions such as Bi-polar or schizophrenia in order to reduce stigma and highlighting the mental health aspects of drugs, alcohol, sex and relationships.  

Why the contribution is important

Improving mental health education in PSE means that young people can be more informed about how to keep well and what to do to recieve support.

by Tynecastle11119 on January 17, 2019 at 10:43AM

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