Help with mental heath in school.

I am a student in high school and have a few friends with mental health issues like deppression and bipolar disorder (they have been diagnosed) I have also been showing signs of deppression and I currently self-harm as a way to cope.

Both of my friends have tried to get support from guidance teachers but they usually do little or nothing to help, usually told to “tell your parents” or “have a positive attitude.” 

I understand that these people are not mental heath professionals or therapists but many people in my school are frustrated by the fact they can’t talk to someone who is supposed to be there to talk to when no one else is there for them.

I believe this is an issue and I hope whoever gets this takes the time to read this though and actually care, thank you.



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Many students and young people in Scotland suffer from mental issues. Most of these people have no one to talk to and a guidance teacher from thier school is the only Person they can get help from. Guidance teachers in highschool are supposed to help students but most of the time they don’t.


by Teganq on December 08, 2018 at 06:39PM

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  • Posted by Figus December 11, 2018 at 09:43

    Its not working for my child,
    Everyone ( doctor, teacher/head teacher, support teacher ) can see we need help, but cant acces it, and my child just ends up excluded from school ( missing his education because of no support ), and the SNP ( of which im a member ) say they are for help in schools, well where is my childs help he needs !!??.
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