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GPs should be both trained in how to deal with mental health issues and be given with adequate services to provide to people who are struggling. Websites and months long waiting lists for charity counselling IS NOT a substitute for genuine support or therapy. Websites like moodjuice are a tactic used by the NHS so they can claim they are doing something about this issue. I have never met a single individual with mental health issues who can genuinely say moodjuice or similar websites has offered them the support they set out to receive.

Ive been to my doctor 4 times asking for help with my mental health in any way shape or form and every time i have been handed a list of websites and charities and told to figure it out. When looking into each of these resources i’ve found only a fraction apply to me and even then they offer very little help. I’m sick of being told webites like moodjuice will help me when in reality they are often confusing, difficult to navigate, and offer very little support, especially for someone struggling with multiple issues. (note issues and not diagnoses as despite having family history, symptoms and asking repeatedly i have not been able to meet anyone who is qualified to give me a diagnosis, never mind support for dealing with that diagnosis) 

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GPs are the first point of contact for many. It’s all good and well listing a bunch of hypothetical  people that can offer support (teachers etc.) but these people are not equipped to handle these issues not to mention not all young people 1. have these people around them and 2. feel comfortable talking about sensitive issues with such people. The NHS is failing to provide adequate support for people suffering from mental illness and i am sick of watching people die as a result. 

by cheriekg on December 08, 2018 at 09:10AM

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  • Posted by chloeblack December 08, 2018 at 17:05

    going to your gp takes a lot of courage and feels like a huge step, especially when you're very young, confused and simply want to get better. it feels very invalidating to seek medical help and then have an appointment that is no more than five minutes long where a list of online "mental health resources" is thrown at you and you are then asked to leave. i am 16 and when this happened to me you can imagine that it was rather distressing and frustrating. one does not go to a gp to get a sheet of paper with online resources that you could very easily find yourself, online. it is to gain some sort of further support, face to face.
  • Posted by BeaWarwick December 09, 2018 at 09:14

    I agree with this idea. The lack of resources in this country for people with mental health is frankly disgusting. People should not be directed to online resources that don't work when so many of them need a professional therapist, someone who is qualified to give a diagnosis and actually help someone instead of just a pat on the shoulder. It's such a challenge for young people with mental health issues to come forward and seek help especially when your so young and dealing with issues surrounding PTSD and ANXIETY disorders. TO add to this many young people in rural areas go to a lot of effort to get appointments and seek help due to the infurstructure and lacking public transport, this can be heart breaking and make the issue worse when it feels like they aren't believed or cared about.
  • Posted by RhiannaK01 December 11, 2018 at 10:38

    I completely agree. Young people need more support from GPs. I was 15, my mum and dad had left the country and I was with grandparents. Distraught and struggling to cope both mentally and socially, I went to my GP for guidance as I knew something wasn’t quite right. His reply was ‘what do you want me to do?’ ludicrous to say the least. Now 23, I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I’m on anti-depressants long term - which the mental health nurse has said stemmed from all those years ago. She said I’m coping with it but the more stress I’m under it gets harder and harder. It almost took me to do something very stupid that I realised I was right. If only I was given more support and offered guidance back then, I probably wouldn’t have been in this position.
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