Assign local care team

Assign local area care teams either in schools or Doctors surgeries. Waiting times for children’a and young people’s councillers is too long. By providing certain areas a worker it would mean more specified care for young people as well and a rapport with someone who a young person can be comfortable with. Possible depending on the area that young people can speak to someone once a week or month. 

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this is important because when I was sixteen I was in a dark place and was put on a high dosage of citalopram I was also refers to a young people’s councillor. 18 months later I recieved a phone call from an automated service saying “if you no longer require this service press 1, to continue press 2” at this point I was so angry I pressed 1.  I am 21 now and still struggle with my mental health I always wonder how my coping mechanisms and the loudness in my brain could’ve been improved back then if I had received the care earlier. For a child in a worse off position than me a wait like that could’ve been fatal.


by ChloeAnn on November 28, 2018 at 09:36PM

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