The discussion about MH starts in School and/or Home

A Health Education class should be part of the curriculum incl the subject of mental health. Scottish schools should have one online resource covering Worry, Anxiety, Depression amongst other suitable health issues -and be age appropriate. That should be the first stage, and if a child wants further help, there should be a phoneline available to them also so they can talk to someone. Their phone contact should have the ability to move the situation forward to other professionals if necessary. NHS have a CBT phone therapy for adults called 'living life' and this type of contact is perfect for young people. 

The sooner the stigma of mental health is dropped, the better. Things in our body dont work from time to time and the brain is no different. 

A child or young person should not need to go and find the information about the cause or treatment for mental health, it should be part of all the information we learn growing up.


Why the contribution is important

My idea is important because childhood depression exists. Young people need time to get their head around things, and build confidence about speaking about their mental health.

Having open discussions in class about mental health will start that process, which they can privately follow up online if they choose. Then giving them tools to cope in difficult situations which will happen through life, is essential. 

It will save money. If the number of adults seeking treatment for mental health is reduced, the costs for the NHS are reduced. This should outweigh the cost to roll out to Scottish schools and create and manage a national website. The costs for employers are reduced if less sick days are taken due to depression. And the DWP should save on sickness and disability benefits.

by mearnsc on November 27, 2018 at 11:02AM

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  • Posted by LivedExperience December 05, 2018 at 14:52

    I like this idea as it employs a universal approach or whole school approach. It probably needs developing further but I think school is such an ideal environment for young people to find their voices and be able to explore issues of 'life'. It can't always be about passing exams etc. Do we need more balance in the curriculum between learning specific subjects and life skills that enable people to cope, understand and manage a range of emotions and experiences?
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