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I am looking at starting my own charity and will be seeking funding to set up a mental health support clinic where people can be referred and they would receive 1 to 1 support. The idea has come about as CAMHS are over stretched and not meeting targets because of high demand, GPs don't have time to see people and on average you get 10 mins with a GP. There was also a study which showed that about 80% of GPs do not have enough knowledge regarding mental health issues. Once you see the GP you are on a waiting list for up to 18 weeks. My clinic would intervene and help cut down waiting times and lessen the load on GPs and other NHS groups. 


What I am asking is is this a good idea and who would support it? If anyone had ideas to make this happen or people to contact would be greatly appreciated as I feel our society needs a service like this that people can be referred to and be run by support workers. It is not counselling. It is support looking forward and helping identify coping strategies and looking at the final outcome.



Kevin Bunting

Why the contribution is important

My idea is important as it will cut waiting times down and help people in the society who need support. The GP could refer them to us and we would give them a full hour once or twice a week and they would be talking with someone who had knowledge on mental health and offers a safe place to discuss things. 

It is vital we support mental health and start talking about it as it is a very real thing and we should not be scared of it. I want to break down the stigma.

by KevinBunting17 on December 06, 2018 at 06:53PM

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