Immediate support from a qualified mental health nurse

When a young person approaches one of the people or agencies on the diagram and they want professional support and help there should be an immediate referral to a mental health nurse who is qualified to work with people with a mental health illness. This nurse should be available to provide or quickly access the ongoing support required to meet the young persons needs. These young people often need professional help quickly. In my experience many of them go to the people  in the diagram but are then not given the professional help they need. I hear time and time again young people who have chosen not to speak to people because there is no point because they know from their friends and their own experience that they do not get the appropriate professional help that they need.

Why the contribution is important

It is important to prevent the high level of suicides in young people who are currently not being given access at all or quickly given access to professional help when they ask for it. In my experience the issue is not that young people do not know who to ask for help the issue is that when they ask for professional appropriate help they don’t get it. I have heard from too many young people that they have asked for help following suicidal thoughts and they have been told by CAMS that they are not a priority and are either given no support or have to wait a year to get support.

by Deborah14 on December 08, 2018 at 07:33AM

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