Have mental health nurses in schools

My idea is for at least 1 mental health nurse to be empolyed and based in every school. By including mental health nurses in schools we can,

  • break down barriers between the professions, ensuring multi-disciplinary approaches to mental health
  • ensure every young person has access to professional mental health support
  • provide teachers with support in dealing with pupils who have mental health problems
  • normalise seeking help for mental health

Further to the above, when pupils are identified as having serious mental healther problems, and they are identified as needing additional support in place for this, mental health workers/nurses should be considered for these roles to work alongside class assistants and/or teachers. 

Why the contribution is important

Children need to be able to access professional mental health support and teachers need real professional support in managing children with mental health issues. There are currently barriers to education and health professionals working together and these barrers need to be broken down. 

by katysavage on December 08, 2018 at 02:27PM

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