Dedicated School mental health link worker providing bespoke training to teachers and age appropriate education to pupils as early as primary school

As a parent and mental health professional I believe strongly that mental health awareness should start as early as possible and that this needs a two pronged approach; educating teachers and pupils.  In my experience I have found knowledge and understanding of mental health lacking in primary schools and I feel  developed awareness  of this could improve wellbeing of children.  I have noticed a focus on physical health and generally a lack of acknowledgement that mental health exists for primary school children.    I feel it would be of benefit to offer education on mental health from early years in an age appropriate way and that this be visited regularly throughout primary school and beyond.    I feel primary schools would benefit from a mental health link person who could design and deliver tailored education to staff and pupils on a regular basis throughout the whole schooling journey (with a strong emphasis that this starts as early as possible).

Why the contribution is important

Mental health is equally as important as looking after physical health and this is a life skill that young people should be equipped to manage as early as possible so as to promote mental wellbeing, reduce stigma and provide with necessary skills to notice and respond to symptoms should they occur in themselves, their friends or family.  A primary school mental health link person would see education of pupils and staff occurring at an early stage.  Tackling education at this early stage has the potential to increase awareness, reduce stigma and improve health outcomes for generations to come.

by kikibee on December 06, 2018 at 01:03PM

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  • Posted by ScotParlModerator December 06, 2018 at 14:08

    Hello, thank you for your comment. What does everyone else think of this idea?
  • Posted by LivedExperience December 08, 2018 at 11:34

    I prefer this idea to the option of having a counsellor in every school. Not every situation will require counselling or more formal interventions. But practical problem solving solutions from someone with mental health knowledge and skills could connect young people to the support they need or find other solutions within the school.
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