The challenge

Mental health is one of the most important issues facing young people in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament needs your help to find out ways to improve how young people get mental health support.                                                                        


Our Public Petitions Committee is looking into how young people get the help they need if they’re feeling low or anxious.  We want to hear your suggestions on how to improve the ways that young people experiencing these feelings can get the right advice and support at the right time.         

We’re especially keen to understand what it’s like for people under the age of 18, trying to seek help for the first time.  

What we'd like you to tell us

We already understand that there are a number of ways young people might get support which we’ve mapped out in the diagram below. We know, however, that this might not cover everything that young people need. So, we need your help.

Thinking about the diagram:

  • What sort of support would  the young people you care for be most likely to use first?
  • Are there things in the diagram that could change or improve?
  • Is there anything missing from the diagram?

Join in the discussion below to get involved and tell us what you think …you’ve got until Friday 14 December to get in touch.

How do I take part?

To take part, please register by creating an anonymous username, providing your email address and setting your password. Once registered, you can add new ideas, or comment on and rate existing ideas as many times as you like.

Why your contribution is important

We understand that young people getting the right advice and support, as early as possible, is key to avoiding future mental health disorders and illnesses.

We need to hear your experiences and ideas on mental health support to help us to understand how things currently are, and what needs to improve in the future.

Your voice matters!

What happens to your comments?

To find out more about our moderation policy and discussion rules – and to learn how your comments will be used - visit our About page.

Your comments will be used to help MSPs learn about the support that’s available for young people feeling low or anxious and what could be done to make it better. The MSPs will then pass their recommendations to the Scottish Government to help influence and inform their future policies on youth mental health services.