Youth Work

Youth work is a crucial universal service for young people. Providing access to trusted adults, signposting to more specific or tailored support. Youth work builds confidence, supports the development of friendship, provides a safe, inclusive space, and positively impacts on young people’s wellbeing and safe behaviours. (ref. tImpact of community based universal youth work ) 

The diagram incorrectly suggests that youth workers only exist within councils. There are also youth workers in the third sector, including a volunteer youth work workforce of approx 70, 000 many of whom volunteer in uniformed youth organisations. 

Why the contribution is important

Youth Work services are valuable community assets which are valued by young people. 

Youth workers being recognised by young people as trusted adults, who are invested in long term relationships with young people. 

Youth work takes place in safe, fun and inclusive environments.

Youth work changes young people’s lives. Youth work contributes positively to young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Youth work is responsive to young people’s needs and can often be the first point of contact for young people to talk about their wellbeing. 

by SusanYLs on December 12, 2018 at 11:36AM

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