Pro-active support

when a child experiences an Adverse childhood experience they should be offered some support.

in 35+ Primary schools in deprived areas in Scotland - now four Local Authority areas 9000+ children are offered a ‘Place2Talk’ by the charity Place2Be. This facility is used by around 70% of the children in these schools. At the same time teachers are afforded an opportunity to discuss any difficulties they are facing with pupils. Some pupils will also be offered extended support and families can be included.


Why the contribution is important

It is universal for the schools and clearly the level of usage shows that stigma is avoided. It is independent of the education system which gives pupils and teachers and families confidence. If CAMHS is not to be even more ‘broken’ than it already is this or something like it is vital in supporting schoools develop mental health well being and resilience

by DocRS on November 24, 2018 at 11:38AM

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