About our dialogue

The Scottish Parliament is made up of 129 elected representatives, who are known as Members of the Scottish Parliament or MSPs. 
MSPs regularly come together in groups called committees to look at what the Scottish Government is doing in a particular subject area and to discuss how this could be improved.
Through Dialogue, we’ll be putting the committees’ challenges to you, asking what you think about certain issues, and for ideas that you may have to make changes for the better. 

How do I take part?

To take part, please register by providing a username, your email address and a password.

Once registered you can add new ideas, or comment on and rate existing ideas.

You don't have to comment on everything. Look through the ideas and chat about the things that matter to you. Or add your own idea if you feel something is missing.

What happens to your comments?

We will be moderating the comments made using our moderation policy and discussion rules – please read and abide by this.

Your comments will be used to help MSPs learn about your experiences and thoughts on the topics and legislation being looked at by Parliamentary Committees. The MSPs will then pass their suggestions on to the Scottish Government to influence and inform their future policies or to ammend legislation.

Find out more about how your input may be used by the Scottish Parliament’s committees as part of their work. Contributions may be publicly linked to the username used on the site and place in a searchable report on our website. 
To get involved, register on Dialogue, and keep an eye out for new challenges as they appear. 
Got a question for us about Dialogue? Drop us an email at dialogue@parliament.scot